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I was aware Coronation Street featured a lesbian storylineas news about the show frequently pops up on the dozen or so read-throughs of relevant queer news I conduct daily. Coronation street lesbian. This page requires javascript. Sophie is surprised to see Sian; and feels guilty about the kiss with Amber on a girls' night out the previous evening.

Although Sophie initially feels jealous and neglected, after she accidentally falls from a church roof, she and Sian reconcile while Sophie is in hospital. No good for your blood pressure. The first week of December, Kana as an eventual couple took a giant leap for lesbiankind, with Rana explaining that while she cared for Kate, in her family, to be with a woman would be unthinkable and would result in complete excommunication. With Sally struggling to bring up her girls on her own, she makes bad relationship decisions - most notably when she goes out with psychotic Greg Kelly Stephen Billington who kidnaps Sophie.

I suppose there is Bethany and Sinead who might do well to date someone as harmless and generally good natured as Zeedan. We're Bertha's and Elizabeth's of gossip and drama, who have been made strong through the adversity faced for our combined love of women.

Well, I think they would have done the Gretna Green scare. Nov 22 I mean will it even be a big deal after Aiden ruined his wedding by banging Maria? She probably won't leave mainly because the writers want to squeeze out as much drama as possible She told Diva Magazine: Sophie begins feeling guilty and suggests to Sian, that as their parents disapprove of them getting married, as they are too young; they should elope to Gretna Green.

But you guys have got me thinking DA There's nothing contradictory between that spoiler and each sentence occurring in different scenes. Big black girls with hairy pussy. OT, now I'm thinking of Emma Frost. It's like they don't watch the show at all The pair immediately begin dating, much to the disapproval of Jenna's mother Mandy and Kevin.

As Sian sits in her mother's car crying; Sophie is overwhelmed, and heartbroken collapses to the pavement; sobbing and wailing uncontrollably. I could honestly see Kate deciding to go back to the factory just to avoid working with Zeedan With the family present, Johnny opens the letter and reads the words: Brooke Vincent as Sophie Webster Taking it chapter by chapter.

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But soon after this, Sian overhears Sophie explaining to Amber, that she regrets kissing her, and saying she loved her. Because we didn't see each other for a bit, did we? Present and future characters.

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She's incredibly wise and loyal but no one listens to a word she ever says, aside from Rita Sullivan. Lesbian chikan videos. Coronation street lesbian. Present and future characters. Sian reluctantly agrees, worrying about the upset eloping would cause their parents. But, I remember reading in the first thread that Kate was originally intended to have a coming out story. Couldn't have said it better! Honestly, Rana is too as well. He reads from the Bible and tells them that their relationship is sinful. However, on the wedding day, Sophie tells Kevin that she still wants to marry Sian.

But see what happens when her life is turned upside down by all the men in her Mum's life!! The whole church are confused and Sian begs to know what is going on, to which Sophie admits she can not do it.

Sian also encourages the Websters to recognise the negative impact that their recent actions are having on Sophie. So like if Kayla was cosplaying Frost, who should Sophie cosplay? As Imogen sussed out, however, it was in fact because Rana was jealous of Imogen. Girls in hot tub nude. On the day of the wedding, Kate called to tell Rana not to marry Zeedan, that she had feelings for Rana, too, but Kate deleted the message without listening. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sally and Kevin were both distraught when they find out that Ryan was involved in the accident, but Sophie defends his actions and makes them promise not to say anything to the police. I like Kate as someone who has always been out and had never doubts about her sexuality. Maybe the other Connors will be there too? She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Ohhhhh we're back to lap sitting are we? Retrieved 27 September You are wasting your lives spending endless hours watching the show, endless hours discussing the show and characters and worse endless hours arguing with complete strangers online.

Ben comes to the Websters house to collect Sian and Sophie for youth club. When they arrive at the church, Sian says her vows very well, but Sophie stumbles on hers. They become Coronation Street's first lesbian couple after a first kiss that as most of us know is unlike any other.

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