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I've known people that really like Vector, though I do find him pretty creepy.

Log In Play Free. Tammy taylor naked. It is in MMOs I would argue that player agency and a personal story are most important, because the characters at there base level are so generic and you are surrounded be numerous copies these games work via player customization inc.

Somehow I managed to get through the dialogue suggesting my Sorceress was only using him for sex. He's part of the reason I think Femshep was better, too.

Theran doesn't really count, no matter what, even if you never flirt with him and he just flirts with you, he dumps you because Holiday. Lesbian romance swtor. Anyway, I'm not really trying to gripe and add more negativity, but I was curious to see if others felt the same way about this subject. The statements and opinions expressed on these websites are solely those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, nor are they endorsed by Bioware, LucasArts, and its licensors do not guarantee the accuracy of, and are in no way responsible for any content on these websites.

Let's replace player's characters with the same boxes. For example, I'd support Quinn and Jaesa being made bi while having Pierce and Vette remain straight totally arbitrary example.

I'm definitely planning to romance her on a few toons, most of them female. They're very different, and I agree Risha is pretty meh. Agent's particular affection for Vector Hyllus. Hot sexy puerto rican girls. By the time of the Quinncident it's really obvious that Baras is actively working against the interests of the Empire.

Its not "fucked up" that they have not added the firsts to the rest of the game as that takes a ton of work so they added them to the new planet as a step of making sure to try and work it in as they move forward. Vector - Coulda, shoulda, woulda with my first sniper but the bug thing creeped me out. He's perfect for my smuggler. It's a lot to take in. Did it on my smuggler. I think two men or two women having sex makes a lot more sense in this universe than Christians in a distant universe, possibly before Christ even existed.

I too would play that game. Originally Posted by notorious At least some of these characters will be open to the idea of same gender romances. Man the responses here are just bullshit. Just let me be lesbian partners in crime with Risha and everything can be OK. Pierce - I like Pierce. Nov 22, Posts: It seems to make the brain of the respective person fall apart. Janet jackson naked body. Jul 17, Posts: Internet, you never fail to limbo my already low expectations.

Never finished the game and left it to the imagination. Because on the one side, I can totally understand why people think of him as creepy and snobbish and all that. Last edited by Window; at

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Takes place after the initial storyline for Star Wars: And which friend of hers do you mean? Is it the subject which sorta agrees with your post or is it their mishandling of the wills of the predominantly straight 'master race' of gaming who don't like looking at sausages in supermarkets because they're scared it will release some deep-rooted homosexuality within them?

He's part of the reason I think Femshep was better, too. Boracay nude girls. You constantly doing petty crimes and meaningless killings that really isn't satisfying. At first, Zenith had misgivings. It made me uncomfortable the way some people are unnerved by Corso. Lesbian romance swtor. Other experiences may vary. I realize it does give me a specific way of seeing the romances, but just because I'm interested in women myself doesn't mean I don't want to experience more parts of the story and character interactions.

I might have to do some new runthroughs then. Imperial agents lie, seduce, betray - but they don't fall in love. So simple yet so sweet, and always respectful of Ms Bounty Hunter, even if she's not Mandalorian, and even if she breaks up with him. Big tit mature escorts. Brilliant and likely PTSD candidate. Each class for female really only has one full romance option, in comparison to male Warrior, Agent, and Smuggler who get 2 each.

Boy, was Carth a pain in the ass. I'm with you on most everyone except Pierce and Andronikos. Jedi code be damned, Saare Carmine wasn't ready to die yet, and she wasn't counting on a rescue.

The game doesn't even let you be nice to the guy without leading him on. Darth Marr faces the moment of his death, and his life plays before him, allowing him to see how his actions affected those in his life. Many mmo player have strong feeling against roleplay in the first place ever seen what goes on in goldshire on RP servers? Some of the most fun parts of the romances are the interactions stemming from the individual class circumstances. Just let me be lesbian partners in crime with Risha and everything can be OK.

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Spoiler Female romance options self. I don't think Quinn was all that bad. Milf big tits cumshot. Bounty Hunter Torian - Love Torian. Exactly right - no matter how he tried to redeem himself in saving Vowrawn when he could have killed him for Baras A few thousand posts about relations in MMO. With how aggressive the male Imp is, I figured she'd get some soft lesbian love.

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MAYBE, that should make you at least raise half an eyebrow and ask why. Not really romances Lana - On a male toon. Sexy black girl university. Now I feel like I read the whole forum thread! My biggest complaint would just be that males have more options overall. But I find it interesting how blown away he is by the female Knight the longer he is with her.

Literally die in a fire. Originally Posted by mrsrachelm LOL!!! Originally posted by ObiClownobi Originally posted by superniceguy Originally posted by Karteli Originally posted by superniceguy Originally posted by Paradigm68 Originally posted by superniceguy Originally posted by Cecropia Originally posted by superniceguy I thought this idea was scrapped?

Romancing Vector is weird What he lacks in not showing up til SoR he gains in some of the best romance dialog out there. Village women nude bath Rating for safety, and please read AN at end! I can't be the only one that thought he was super cool and some of the dialougue could be taken romantically.

It's just annoying when they have a mixed bag of "yes you can" and "no you can not" games. Lesbian romance swtor. Companions' "playersexuality" is a weird thing, but it largely depends on the writing of the character.

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